Sunday, May 8, 2016

MAA...The second GOD.

Mother’s Day...

Holds a special place in my own heart because of the little one who made me a mum. I love to get up every morning seeing his face. I can't thank God enough for gifting me 'motherhood'.
This day reminds me of my mum...
an amazing mother who dedicated her life to her two daughters. She is selfless, hardworking, strong and the most beautiful woman I know.

Every year as Mother’s Day gets close, I get a little nostalgic. I used to trouble my mum a lot. I have been rude to her many times. I could not apologize directly but always wanted to. I could not thank her for everything but always wanted to. So today I wanted to sit down and blog a little letter for my mum thanking her for every single thing she has done for me and also to share some of the challenges I’ve experienced as a mom.

As a quick side note, when I started writing this post it was all about the joy of motherhood. But when I thought about all the strong moms around me, it didn’t take me long to realize the term “mom” isn’t easy to come by. So whether you’re a mom to ur newborn or right in the middle of raising your babies, or you find yourself helpless with your teenagers...this day is for all of us.

MUM...YOU'RE MORE THAN ENOUGH times get this insecure feeling of “I’m not doing enough.” So did my mum. Being a working lady, it was the hardest for my mum to handle work, house and two naughty kids. She never skipped a single thing out of her mind. Right from breakfast, our lunchboxes, dad's lunchpack, her own box, cleaning house nd also checking our homework whether it's done or not. Meanwhile my daddy used to look after our uniforms and shoes. Mum used to share every part of her task..and so did we. We had a habit of sharing everything we did in our school.Taking a few seconds to let us in on her huge part of life has really helped us understand that mum and dad both have a big job to do.
You have done a lot for us mummy. You are still doing. Bearing our tantrums, listening to OUR fav music, watching OUR fav movies, OUR fav dishes. Still..whenever I go to my place (after 6years of marriage also) she cooks all my fav dishes. Lack of time was never an obstacle for her between cooking for her daughter :) hahaha. I love that okra curry and tomato rasam she prepares. I guess no one in the world can mAke such yummy rasam.

I am a stay-at-home mum. And I get the same feelings of “not doing enough". I spend a lot of time focusing on priority of work. Nap time is when I get my daily chores done. Whether it was folding laundry, prepping dinner, doing dishes or cleaning the mess which my not-so-naughty son creates. My husband plays a vital part here. He taught me how to balance household chores and take care of my growing son.
I am glad that whenever I got time, I used to pen down my feelings in my diary. Though I gave a couple of years gap in blogging but never forgot my pen and diary. Taking the time to allow yourself a few minutes a day to do what you love, is OKAY. I found it was the thing that kept me balanced and energized.

Motherhood can be difficult. It's not easy as planting a tree and watching it grow. You have to put efforts. You have to give your kids, your part of time. This is what I've learnt from my mumy. When your kiddos are just babies and you’re changing diapers or listening to whining constantly, it can feel overwhelming. But not at time when you clean the blend of water, omelette, chai, idly and chutney spilled on the floor. My son does so ;)


While my mum taught me how to cook her way, bring up a child her way, I also want to thank my mother-in-law. Cooking is the best part I have learnt from her. Ever heard a mother-in-law sharing her secret recipies? Mine does. Thankyou mumy for teaching some very interesting recipies as you teach your daughter. I have been rude sometimes, sometimes irresponsible and sometimes moody. Sorry and thankyou both a ton for bearing with me.

I hope you feel so loved and celebrated this Mother’s Day. And no matter what season you find yourself in, just know that you are doing enough, and you are loved and appreciated. I know for me, the thought of my son growing up and moving off to the next stage of his life makes me want to burst into tears! So this Mother’s Day I plan to milk it for all it’s worth, and add suger to all the moments to make my life even more sweeter with my beloved one.
P.S. Cheers to all the mothers.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

...And the RAPE SAGA goes on.

She had just started conversing fluently. She wanted to play with dolls. She had recently started schooling. Her parents were dreaming about her future. And now she is in the hospital fighting for her own life.
Humanity? Is that what we crave for? Does it even exist?
Every other day a woman is raped in this country. A few days back, a girl was gangraped in a moving bus. You and I just eventually forgot that incident and moved on with our lives. Within a few days, another incident happened. The whole world was celebrating New years Eve and residents of India’s capital were praying god protesting against those several rapes.

Matter of shame is around 393 cases of rape have been reported between January 1 and March 31. And now in this month- April 2013- Near by 4 cases of rape have been registered.
- A two-and-half year girl was raped by a 25-year-old man in west Delhi's Najafgarh on April 18.
- Another five-year-old girl, studying in lower kindergarten, was sodomized by her teacher in the school premises in the east Delhi's Jagatpuri area April 17.
- A 15-year-old Class 10 student was also gangraped on April 17 in east Delhi.
- In west Delhi's Sultanpuri area, a 10-year-old girl playing outside her home was lured away by neighbour into a stationary bus and raped in April 14.
And here they go- earlier this week, a five year old delhi girl brutalised by a neighbour is the fifth minor to have fallen prey.

Disgusting!Shocking!Shamefull....These emotions that we all went through when we heard about the ghastly gang-rape of a medical student who passed away are set to be revisited as more details emerge of a brutal rape of a 5-year old in Delhi today who was starved, tortured and brutally raped. This girl is battling for life due to infection contracted from foreign objects found inside her body like a piece of candle and a 200ml bottle of hair oil. These objects were found inside her and the girl's genital area had been mutilated. Some of her body parts, like her lips and chest wall etc were severely injured.
How insane can people be?

Hail Delhi police. As read in,they were offering Rs. 2000 to the victim's father to keep his mouth shut and also advised him "THANK GOD, YOUR DAUGHTER IS STILL ALIVE".
People claimed that "She was raped because she was wearing skimpy clothes and was travelling at night time". Some highly educated people also used these lines in their speech- GIRLS MUST NOT GET OUT OF THEIR HOUSES AT NIGHT TIME. THEY MUST WEAR PROPER CLOTHES.

EXCUSE ME....Girls are being raped because some bloody insane MEN are raping them. Not because of their clothes, not because of their attractive body. If all these are the only reason, give us a single reason of the condition of those poor minor victims? Was that two n a half year old girl wearing something seductive? Or this 5 year old girl was travelling alone at night?

Why should we keep mum and tolerate the gruesome brutality in the name of human rights? Human rights are not for demons! Justice delayed is justice denied. Castrate the rapists in public. Sleep blurs into memory and lies awake in the arms of darkness. Flashes of Breaking News knock at the inner folds of my mind. It seems, some men of India's capital have not learnt or been shamed from the massive public protests and social coverage of the December incident. They still remain animals. But wait, it is an insult to animals to compare these men to them. What to call them, insane? Shameless? Illiterates? Bastards? Better to start boycotting such men from our societies. Let the police do whatever they want to but people, start punishing the victim on your own if you find one.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Lazy winters

After so many Ups and Downs in the year 2012, here I welcome 2013 in Dubai. Yeah. Second winters here and hating it. It wasn't this freezy last year but this time…May be because I am getting out of my house daily for my office. These are the few things about winters which I really reallyyyy hate.

- Winter mornings?? Getting up early for daily routine is really horrible. Ppl plz suggest some tricks to stay @ home 24*7. I don’t wanna get up early for office now. How about work from home?
- It’s dark all the time- it’s dark at 5pm now that really scares me.
- Cold shower? Naah!- It takes forever for my shower water to warm up. Excuse me? Who likes cold shower?
- This dry air- makes for some miserable dry skin and chapped lips ;) It probably has to do with that super hot shower. Yeah…I know.
- Wind chill- In the summer, you WANT the wind to blow. And in winters, it makes terrible weather ever more terrible. Now this year m gonna face all extreme cold wind in Dubai. Hottest place though but cold as of now.
- Frizzy Fridays- Fridays are even more scary for me. Yeah. I work all alone in the office sometimes and wonder why these UAE people save electricity and shut all the corridor lights off. Huh. No light anywhere except my office and yeah of course road side lights.
- Please. Put on some music- can’t work in quite atmosphere. Either headphones, or loudspeaker. Music is must ;) [Disclaimer- Please note that if you are one of my colleague, neglect this point. ;)]
- Actually. I am lazy. And I admit this fact. I don’t like working, I don’t like cooking, I don’t like cleaning. And all above, I don’t like getting out of that cozzzyyy comforter. No more stuff to write now. M tired. And want to sleep again. ;)
Hope you all had a rocking NYE party. Wishing you all luck, good health and cheerful year ahead. I’ll now get back to blog regularly. Missing many moments and wanna right them down.

Happy winters and Happy new year :)